--------------------------------------------"I'll Fucking Hit You."
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TOMM MAKK ------------------------------------------------------

Drugs, experiences, animals that can kill you, girls, smoke, trippy stuff, cool graffiti, things that make you think." I'll Fucking Hit You."

Beautifully strung words and images put together in such a way to create an infinite bond with ink and skin.
This is my peacock quill. Classical literature is something I cherish dearly, and so I decided to get a lifesize quill tattoo’d on my left forearm [i’m a lefty] Now, whenever I’m riding on trains and I find myself writing with some shitty, half-chewed biro, seeing my quill brings clarity.
The roses were added by Xavi Garcia in October.

“"i hear now mother natures on birth control, even the coldest pimp be lookin fo somebody to hold" OUTKAST”